Pyramid Homes Construction


 Welcome to Pyramid Homes Construction where your visions and dreams are turned into a reality.That is truly a reflection of your personal taste and lifestyle you deserve in your new home. All of the homes we build are considered to be custom built, because we take time out to listen to all parts of our clients new home requests. If it is our home sweet home plans or your own home sweet home visions. Your new home project needs and deserve our construction  and new home land development team. We enjoy working with all our clients one-on-one and also keeping good communication with then. 

At Pyramid Homes Construction, know matter whether  your new home request  includes the construction of a manufactural family home, an affordale home, a completly customized estate property, or a very large or small new home investment project, our professional team can guide you  through the entire building process. From the very first design consulation, to the first blue print, to the last installed door knob, until the keys are in your hand, Until the moment you take possession of your dream home.

Our homes includes features that today's home owner want in there new home.

The Pyramid Homes Construction team strives to make our homes we build as energy efficient, heathly, and comfortable as possible. 

The homes we build are constructed  with first class materials that are extra strong and long lasting. Then we add dedicated, talented skilled trades people to your new home project. 

We do not believe in cutting corners during the process of building our homes. We believe the things that our clients can not see in the  process of building their home is very important to us in building a quality homes.

At Pyramid Homes Construction the services we provided are unique because we combine Custom Home Building with Land Development to assist our clients with all the services they may need for their new home construction project. At Pyramid Homes Construction we feel that its very important to have the right knowledge and important information of a property before the start of construction. Construction codes and rules 

are always being updated and changing. Our team is always updated with the newest code and rule changes . We feel that this aproach helps give your project a successful start and finsh. 

What Make Us Uniquely Different

. We are a full service New Home Builder and Land Developer combine that can take your plans from ( A ) to ( Z ) succcessfully professionally and on time. 

. The Pyramid Home Construction team pays special attention to large and small details when designing and bulding your new home . 

. Our Clients are welcome to bring there own construction plan for reveiew .

. We do all we say and more

Investors :

We work with investers large and small.

What's Important :

We are a dependable and honest company

We are not just in the business of simply building homes, We build upon your dreams and provide

a legacy that you, your family and friends would be to be proud of for generations to come.

 We are hear for you. Give us a call and tell us about your new home project request  We look forward into speaking you .