Building Green

The Pyramid Homes Green Team


Our team strives to make your home as energy efficient, healthy, and as comfortable as possible.

U.S Green Building Council


For a healthier environment and home 

Building Green


Going green is a better indoor home enviroment  

Environmental Responsibitiy Save You Money


Why should you consider a green home built by Pyramid Homes Construction?

An energy and resource efficient home constructed by Pyramid Homes represents a home having value, comfort, and a better indoor environment.

Consider the following advantages achieved by living in high performance custom home built by the Pyramid Homes Construction team. 

  •  A Smart Investment 
  •  Increased Durability, and lower maintenance 
  •  Improved comfort, quiet, and occupant health  
  •  Energy efficiency that result in lower utility bills 
  • A sense of well being by doing your part  in the environment .